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Service Description: Dataset present a high-resolution (up to 10 m/pixel) seabed geomorphology map of the entire Irish continental shelf, up to a depth of 200 m below sea level (bsl). The map was produced taking advantage of the high resolution Irish National Seabed Survey (INSS) and INFOMAR multibeam dataset, and using a protocol of modern semi-automated mapping techniques to streamline the results assisted by expert interpretation and corrections. The current version of the map (v2023) is based on all available INSS and INFOMAR multibeam data up to 2023. All previous mapping efforts and existing literature on the Irish shallow shelf geomorphology have also been collated and integrated in the map, re-delineating features using the machine-assisted methodology and critically evaluating the previous interpretations. An internationally standardised terminology and classification scheme, in the form of the MIM-GA two-part scheme, has been adopted, aligning the new map to other international geomorphological work ( The map includes both newly identified and re-assessed seabed morphological and geomorphological features (e.g. palaeochannels, drumlins, dunes etc.) and the different types of substrate (e.g. bedrock, unconsolidated or consolidated superficial deposits) that have been interpreted to represent the dominant composition within the top 1-2 metres of the seafloor. This detailed geological digital map is intended firstly as a resource enabling to better inform multiple offshore activities and management of the marine environment on the Irish continental shelf. The information is of importance to a range of stakeholders connected to sea fisheries, aquaculture, renewable energy (wind, wave and tidal power), marine communications, dredging, and aggregate industry. A standardised geomorphological map of the Irish continental shelf.

Map Name: Irish Shelf Seabed Geomorphological Map v2023


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Copyright Text: Arosio, Riccardo; Wheeler, Andrew; Sacchetti, Fabio; Guinan, Janine; Benetti, Sara; O'Keeffe, Eimear; van Landeghem, Katrien; Conti, Luis; Furey, Thomas; Lim, Aaron. (2023) Irish Shelf Seabed Geomorphological Map v2023. Marine Institute, Ireland. 10/kh9g.

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