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Generate KML (ReportingUnits)

Document Name:
      SWD Shellfish Waters(1)
      WFD Transitional Waters(2)
      WFD Coastal Waters(3)
      MSFD Assessment Area(4)
      ICES EcoRegion(6)
      ICES Stat Rectangle SubDivision(7)
      ICES stat Rectangle(8)
      ICES Stat Area(9)
    Maritime Surveillance(10)
      Fisheries Effort Zone(11)
      Fisheries Control(12)
      Navy 12 Nautical Mile(13)
      Navy 6 Nautical Mile(14)
      UK 12 Nautical Mile(15)
      UK 6 Nautical Mile(16)
    Nephrops Fisheries(18)
      Nephrops Functional Unit(19)
      Nephrops Functional Unit Stat Rectangle(20)
      Bivalve Mollusc Production Area(22)
      HABs Inshore Shellfish Production Area(23)
      HABs Offshore Shellfish Production Area(24)
Layer Options: All layers as a single composite image (Layers can't be turned on and off in client)
Each layer as a separate image
Vector layers as vectors and raster layers as images